Overall height is 76″ with 4″ of that being the attached base.  The base and soldier is one piece.  1460 pounds approximately.

The City of Paw Paw, Michigan commissioned SVJ Creative Designs to create this beautiful statue.  Our sculptor is a history buff and jumped right in.  The photos currently seen here are in clay form.  We now are working on the outer rubber and fiberglass shell of the mold.  When that is done, we will begin pouring sometime late spring or summer 2023.  David and Shelly Speedling, owners of SVJ Creative Designs retain the copyrights to this and are able to sell to other entities throughout the United States.

This Life Size Korean War Statue will look great displayed in your city park to honor the Veterans.  Made in Kellogg, Minnesota USA by one that knows what it is to be involved in serving, not in the military but as a volunteer firefighter for over 30 years.  The soldier’s face was sculpted after the owner’s Uncle Dennis, a 93 year old Minnesotan who served in the army in the Korean War in his late teens, early twenties.  Uncle Dennis has always been a strong role model to SVJ Creative Designs’ owners Dave and Shelly for decades.

Please contact us for a painting quote if you have a custom paint request. This is most commonly purchased in the two tone brassy bronze finish.

You will need a forklift or equipment that is able to unload 1,400 pounds from a semi.  If you have further questions please contact us direct at 507-767-3039 or put in a freight quote for us to get back to you.  When you order from us, a half down deposit is required and then the remainder is due prior to shipping out or when you come to pick the statue up.  A 4% convenience fee will be applied to amounts paid via credit card or debit card.  We do accept Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express  cashier check.  No statue will be delivered or picked up until a check is completely cleared.

UPDATE:  We no longer will ship out via semi due to past damage with trucking companies.  SVJ will give you a shipping quote with their truck and or trailer to deliver.

You are always able to pick the statue up here at our Kellogg, Minnesota location or we will provide you a quote for delivering with our own truck and staff.  If picking up yourself, you will need specific banding down straps for the statue as well as the pallet or crate to your truck or trailer.  Due to insurance liability, we are unable to help you strap your statue(s) down if coming to pick up at our location.

If having SVJ deliver,  our own driver or owner will take the statue out and assist with giving advice for setting.  We do not come with equipment though to lift the statue from the truck or trailer.  That is something you need to arrange with someone in your community who has a forklift, bobcat, etc..  If that is the case then the balance is due upon delivery.  Please call us and we will walk you through what to expect.

If you are interested in this statue or any of our statues, please give a direct phone call to Dave or Shelly at 507-767-3039

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Weight 1200 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 75 in



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